Uninsured motorist protection insurance

uninsured motorist protectionThere are various types of auto insurance policy you can choose from to protect yourself and your car from damage. Have you ever been in a scenario where y­ou are involved in car accident and the other party cannot compensate you for the damage that they have caused? That’s when you need to get yourself a uninsured motorist protection.

There is an underinsured motorist insurance that covers you when another motorist has insufficient insurance to compensate for the damage they have caused you.

This cover helps you to pay for bills that come up due to car accident and the other party who caused the accident does not have auto insurance or the liability is too low to cover costs associated with a covered loss. For you to get the best uninsured motorist protection policy you should a research to get the best deal available. This is because there variations in the uninsured motorist protection coverage you get from different companies and you should have information about the different policies being offered. Read on to know the types of uninsured motorist protection policies those are available.

Types of Uninsured motorist protection

Uninsured motorist protections are categorized into two. They include:

  • Uninsured driver bodily injury: this cover will compensate any medical expenses, wage loss and pain that you will get from the uninsured motorist. As the driver you will benefit from the cover and your passengers who were involved in the accident. This makes this cover quite convenient for you.
  • Uninsured driver property: this policy will cover any damage that you car will have as a result from the accident this include the cost of repairing your car.
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Compensatory conditions

The insurance company will pay the bodily injury claims associated with the uninsured motorist accidents in the following conditions.

The injured persons who will make claim should be insured parties under your policy. The insured parties should include you the policy holder, your spouse, family member who lives with you and any guests who was in the car at the time of the accident.

  • The insured parties should seek compensatory damages for body injuries.
  • If the owner of uninsured vehicle caused the accident through negligence.
  • If the people who were injured in the accident are in the opinion of the insurer
    are legally entitled to have compensatory damage from negligent insured party.

To avoid confusion while filing for the claim there vehicles that are not included in the uninsured motor vehicles these are:

  • Vehicles that are owned by the government.
  • They vehicles that are operated on rails or crawler heads such as bulldozers.
  • If the vehicle is designed for off road use and being used off road at the time the accident took place.
  • If the vehicle was being used as a premise such as the trailers.
  • If the vehicle was operated by a self insurer.

If the vehicle is owned by your family member and it uninsured

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